What is a Buyer Persona and Why Does It Matter?

12/2/2019 : There’s a more in-depth look at this topic here: Buyer Personas: Your Secret Weapon to Showstopping B2B Marketing

Knowing who your customers are is half the battle. But, how do you nail down who those people are and how to appropriately target them? The answer is targeted buyer personas!

What is a Targeted Buyer Persona?

In short, a targeted buyer persona is a snapshot of your ideal customer(s).

This detailed snapshot should detail:

  • The age range of the person(s).
  • Dominant gender of your demographic.
  • What interests them.
  • How they make their decision.

Google Demographics ScreenshotGoogle Interests Screenshot

But, How Do I Figure Out These Things?

Don’t panic! Figuring out your buyer personas is much, much easier than it sounds.

If you’re new on the block, figuring out your buyer personas can take a little bit of time and sometimes some guesswork. It’s ok if you don’t know who your ideal demographic is yet. But, you can figure this out by doing a little asking around or digging through your website analytics.

If you just started your business, you should have a loose idea of who would buy what you’re selling. If any of those people are friends or colleagues, ask them to answer a few questions for you. This will help you nail down a good idea of who you should be trying to talk to.

If you’re an established business, it is much easier for you. The following avenues are typically a persona goldmine and should be mined at all costs:

Google Analytics Demographics and Interests

If this feature isn’t already turned on, please enable it right now. This option will help you not only figure out who your ideal customer is; it can tell you how they’re interacting with your website/content. This is key to taking full advantage of your content marketing strategy.

Your Facebook Insights

This is similar to the Google Analytics option. It helps provide unique details about who Likes your Facebook page and how they’re interacting with the content that you’re placing in front of them. This will not only help you figure out who your customers are, but it will also help you tailor the content that you’re developing to provide the max value to your audience.

Facebook Insights - Engagement DemographicsFacebook Insights - Engagement Stats

Your Current Customer Base

This is a no-brainer. If you’re established and have an existing customer base…ask them! Most of your clientele would be more than happy to give you feedback when you ask. Send out an email survey or simply give them a call and ask them for a few minutes of their time. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Why Do Targeted Buyer Personas Matter to my Business?

Seriously, you’re asking that question? Knowing who you’re selling to is more important than fresh air.

So here’s a run down….

Targeted Buyer Personas help you narrow down who your ideal customers are, what they like, where they’re spending their time on the web and how you can inspire them to act.

Every business needs to know who they’re catering to. Unfortunately, more often than not who you think your customer is, probably isn’t actually who they are. Do a little research and figure it out or let us do it for you! Email us today to take advantage of a fully-formed and documented content marketing strategy, which includes buyer personas, brand voice, and your mission.

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