What Does Hiring A Full Spectrum Professional Mean to Your Business?

You’ve probably never heard of a full spectrum professional before now. That’s mostly because I made it up. But, I believe that it is a real thing and quite a few millennials fit the bill. So, what exactly does that mean to you as a business owner?

What Is A Full Spectrum Professional?
The short answer? ME!

I am a millennial, who due to a restless creativity and fierce independence has held a variety of jobs throughout my career. While some may consider that to be a fatal flaw, I see it as a huge benefit to my business and yours.

Here’s why:

What Does a Full Spectrum Professional Bring to the Table?
Personally, I have been a part of the American workforce since I was 14 and have been paying my own bills and buying my own clothes before I was even in high school. Not only does that teach responsibility, but it fostered my own innate independence and helped me learn what made sense for my personality. Plus…

1. Multi-Industry Experience
With a load of positions in my repertoire comes a load of experience in several different industries, business styles and positions within the company.

1. Multi-Industry Experience

Because of this wide breadth of experience, I am able to easily relate to most businesses on their level, while also understanding what the customer base wants. I’ve been on every side of the dice and understand every facet of the business. From management and employees to current customers and prospects, I can appeal to their unique wants and needs.

This doesn’t make me irresponsible or unable to commit, this simply means that I am not happy with monotony and like to continue to challenge myself to learn things and do better work.

2. Dedication to Your Success
More often than not, I received the short straw in many of my positions through a lack of training and a general lack of interest in my success. Unfortunately, the economy in my hometown fosters this negative attitude and results in tons of young professionals bouncing jobs or giving up on their own creativity.

2. Dedication to Your Success

Because I know how much it sucks to be without the right tools to do your job, I am dedicated to helping your business be as prepared as possible with amazing content and an in-depth strategy. You’d be surprised at how much content matters…especially if your demographic consists of millennials. Read what we learned about marketing to millennials in the digital age.

3. Brutal Honesty
As a full spectrum professional, I have built upon my own inner honesty and independence through years of dealing with “YES” men or “NO” men. I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I am honest to a fault. But, that works in your favor.

3. Brutal Honesty

As a creative entity working towards your success and my own, I will NEVER tell you something that doesn’t make sense for the longevity of your brand simply because it’s what you want to hear.

If one of your ideas doesn’t fit with your long-term goals and current best practices, I will tell you so. While that rubs some people the wrong way, it is better in the long run for continued business relationships and profitable brand experiences.

Here’s a Tip: Just because that’s the way it’s always been done, doesn’t mean that it’s the best way to handle that situation.

In conclusion, full spectrum professionals are basically business badasses. But, keep in mind that not every single person who’s had a bunch of different jobs is a full spectrum professional. They’re a special breed that transition jobs to continue learning and to actually make a difference where they’re headed.

You need at least one full spectrum professional on your side to tell you how it is and to help you muck through the ever changing mire that is marketing.

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