Top 8 Sites to Find Quality Free Graphics

Finding free, quality graphics is sometimes a chore. Luckily, there are a bunch of really great sites out there that aggregate them for you AND offer them for free! Here are our top 8 sites to find quality free graphics, including fonts, vectors and textures for your designs.

 1. Creative Market

Although Creative Market has a paid subscription program, they offer weekly freebies if you sign up for an account. Signing up for an account with Creative Market doesn’t cost you anything, and you’re not required to input any credit card info. Simply sign up and wait for your weekly freebie emails.

Creative Market Screenshot

This site offers a wide selection of graphical elements including fonts, mockup templates, photos, vector graphics and even WordPress themes. We’re particularly fond of this site because there are 6 new freebies each week, and usually one of them is worth downloading. We’ve amassed quite a ridiculous graphic catalog that we’ll probably never use. Better safe than sorry!

2. Canva

Of course, Canva is on this list! We freakin’ love Canva and we can’t say enough awesome things about it. We recently wrote a blog article about it here.

Canva is a goldmine for graphical elements, textures, and photos. If you’re semi-skilled in an Adobe program, you can easily snag an item that you want and output it as a high-quality PDF for your editing pleasure. Plus, if you absolutely need one of the paid assets they’re only $1 each.

 3. Clkr

This is a great site for quick, clip-art type graphics. There isn’t a huge selection and most of them are only 1-2 colors, but it works in a pinch. In fact, we used the crap out of Clkr until we learned about a couple of these other sites listed here.

4. GraphicStock – 7 day free trial

So, we know that GraphicStock is a paid stock site. However, they do offer a 7-day free trial that is amazing and is absolutely worth taking advantage of. They do ask you to add your credit card information in order to take advantage of the free trial, but if you remember to cancel it you’re golden.

GraphicStock Screenshot

We opted for the 7-day free trial and downloaded a ridiculous amount of stuff, including tech mockups, infographic templates, beautiful backgrounds and some sweet icons.

5. Graphicburger

Graphicburger is neat, but unfortunately it’s a little more cumbersome to find good freebies on this site.

This particular site tends to aggregate links from different sites together on their own while linking out to the download site. So, it’s a little bit more involved to actually find and download something that you want. But, you can simply input “free” into the search bar and pull up all of the items currently listed as free.

6. Pixeden

Pixeden is often linked to from Graphicburger, but it’s typically easier just to browse their site first to see if you can find what you want.

Pixeden Screenshot

They do offer a premium subscription plan for only $6 per month, but there are pages upon pages of free resources for you already. So, unless you absolutely must have one of the premium assets, you should be all set with the free ones.

You can find all of the normal graphic goodies that you’d expect, like fonts, logo templates, and backgrounds. But, you can also find great business templates and mockups for things like business cards, invoices, and stationery.

7. Designrfix

So, this site is a little weird and packed to the brim with stuff you probably will never need. But, they have a pretty robust freebies section that includes everything from fonts to WordPress themes. Plus, they have a great tutorials library that will help you get your design team ready for the big leagues.

8. Subtle Patterns

If you’re a Photoshop user, then Subtle Patterns is the motherlode for great background patterns and textures for your designs.

Subtle Patterns Screenshot

To make it easy for you, they have a Photoshop plugin element that can be downloaded and accesses all of their existing patterns. All you have to do is use the pattern tool in Photoshop and you’ve got a beautiful seamless background pattern. Or you can download a specific pattern directly from the site in a 400×400 PNG block to use as you see fit!

There are tons of other great graphic asset sites out there, but these 8 are our personal favorites. Do you have a favorite site that wasn’t mentioned here? Leave us a comment below and we’ll write a review of the site!

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