Top 5 Worst Content Mistakes All Small Businesses Make

Are You Guilty of One (or more) of These Top Worst Content Mistakes?

Let’s Hope Not!

Although content marketing is “not” a new concept, many small businesses still have a hard time grasping the idea. The only thing worse than ignoring content marketing is completely screwing it up.

So, get ahead of the curve by learning from the top 5 worst content marketing mistakes that all small businesses make.


1. Understanding the Power of Content.

Content is everything. Literally, every piece of communication that your business puts out is content. So, it would stand to reason that content is pretty damn powerful, wouldn’t it?

Sadly, many small businesses STILL don’t get the significance of good content. It can make or break any marketing campaign, customer contact, website impact, etc. So, for the sake of your sanity and the longevity of your brand, start respecting content.

In fact, here are 5 reasons great content is important to your business.

2. Ignoring the Needs of The Audience.

Your audience makes your brand go ‘round. You know it. I know it. Your audience knows it.

That being said, your audience is a unique group of people that have unique wants and needs that are specific to your business. Ignoring those needs can be absolutely disastrous to the longevity of your business, making this the WORST content marketing mistake you could ever make.

To get ahead of this and make sure that you’re respecting the needs of your audience, start by building out targeted buyer personas for your brand. Not sure what a buyer persona is? Here’s a sweet blog article to help shed some light: What is a Buyer Persona and Why Does It Matter?

3. Not Implementing Tracking Options.

Let’s face it; there are STILL businesses that aren’t using Google Analytics and Search Console. I know, crazy.

If you’re one of these businesses, get on that right now. Seriously, open a new tab and get to work.

If you are using GA and SC, are you actually tracking goals or reviewing your analytics on a regular basis? You should be. Google Analytics is absolutely crucial to knowing how your content performs and how your audience consumes content. To get ahead of your content, start by implementing some of these custom reports:

Content Analysis Dashboard

Social Media Dashboard

4. Not Testing.

You would NEVER buy a new product or system for your business without testing it, would you?

Well, the same goes for testing your content to ensure that your audience is getting the best you can provide, and your marketing team is getting the most out of that content.

Now, depending on what kind of content you’re running, testing may come in different forms. But, there’s always a way to do it.

One free testing option is actually through your Google Analytics account (you do have one of those, don’t you?), called Google Experiments.

Another free option is a very aptly named program called You get 5 free A/B tests when you signup, and you can earn more free tests by sharing your experience on Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s a pretty small price to pay to know how your audience responds to content.

Need to know how long to run your test? Check out this handy dandy little tool: Visual Website Optimizer Split Test Optimizer. Or, THIS TOOL to determine the significance of your landing page.

5. Not Hiring A Dedicated Content Marketing Pro.

Last, but not least, is the idea that if you are utilizing content marketing, then you should definitely hire a dedicated content marketer for your team.

This may seem a little overkill to most small businesses, but trust me, content marketing is a FULL-TIME JOB. The worst thing you can do is overload an existing employee with the responsibilities of a content marketing representative and just wait until things fall apart.

And, fall apart they will.

Trust me when I tell you, from personal experience that there’s a fine line between wearing many hats and being overwhelmed. Save yourself and your team the stress by vetting and hiring a professional to handle your content marketing needs.

Keep in mind that this person can be an intern, contractor, or a part-time employee. As long as their sole focus is on content marketing, you don’t have to break the bank

So, to rock the socks off your audience from the very beginning, work to avoid all 5 of these content mistakes that all small businesses make and you’ll be in good shape.

Have you made a content mistake that you’d like others to learn from? Share it with me in the comments below!

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