What Being An Entrepreneur Means to Me

Being an entrepreneur is special, and it means different things to different people. It takes an extraordinary personality and skill set to not only be a successful entrepreneur but to simply make it over the hump. So far, it’s been a pretty crazy ride, and I’d like to share what being an entrepreneur means to me.

When I was growing up, being an entrepreneur never occurred to me. I wanted to be everything from a neurosurgeon to a marine biologist, but being my own boss wasn’t one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up.

It should have been, and my parents should have recognized the fire. I was a stubborn, opinionated and independent child who grew into a fiercely independent, stubborn adult.

When I think back on the reasons that I struck out on my own, three underlying feelings float to the surface:


Being an entrepreneur affords me a type of blissful freedom that I’ve craved for so long.

The freedom to be my own person, to follow my dreams and to do what I want when I want to do it. Sounds a little cliche, I know. But, if you were born with a sense of independence so strong that working in a cubicle is suffocating, you’d understand.

That freedom allows me to use my independence and my vast experience to do the things that not only make me happy but pay the bills and ultimately help people.


Being accountable is a significant factor in being an entrepreneur, and is something that should never be taken for granted.

Being my own boss allows me to be accountable for my own actions and the relationships that I build or break. Being accountable is a facet of entrepreneurship that may not come up often, but it is a foundational building block in who you are and how you work.

Through accountability, I’ve grown exponentially in more ways than one. I’m a very different person now than I was when I began my journey into entrepreneurship.

I’m more sure of myself and my talents. I’m less worried about where money is coming from, and I celebrate the little things more often.


An independent soul is a driven soul.

Your drive is what keeps you going. It pushes you to keep learning, keep growing.

My personal drive not only allows me to be an entrepreneur, but it also refuses to let me be anything else because that is just who I am.

I am an entrepreneur because it’s part of my DNA and it brings a smile to my face on a daily basis. What’s your excuse?