Superhuman Bikes Email Copywriting Project
Email COPYWRITING project:

Superhuman Bikes (formerly FLX Bikes)

Company: Superhuman Bikes (formerly FLX Bikes)

Industry: E-commerce, Retail, Electric Bicycles

Services Provided: Brand Messaging, Email Copywriting

Project Completed: August, 2023

Superhuman Bikes (formerly FLX Bikes)

Superhuman Bikes (formerly FLX Bikes) is an electric bike company based in sunny San Diego, CA. Their primary mission is to help people live more adventurous lives and tap into their own innate bold spirit through electric bikes.

Two adventurous cyclists exploring a gorgeous rolling landscape.
The challenge:

Stale Sales and Email List

FLX Bikes had a sizeable email list, but at the time, they weren’t properly harnessing the power of email for sales or nurturing existing customers.

In order to take full advantage of the position they currently held in the market (and to hold onto it) FLX knew they needed help.

The solution:

A Human Email Experience

Before we could fully take advantage of the email list, Inke Digital took a good, hard look at the brand voice and customer avatar. We determined that the ideal customer was slightly different than what FLX originally thought and proceeded to dig into what that customer had to say about their journey.

After doing some deep dive voice of customer research, we re-wrote the existing email Welcome sequence, abandoned cart flows, and all of the product-specific post-purchase email flows to present a more linear customer experience.

Over the course of a 3-month engagement, Inke Digital revamped the entirety of the FLX Bikes email marketing, content marketing, and promo calendar.

The most significant of which were:

Welcome Sequence
Abandoned Cart Sequence
Post-Purchase Sequence
90-Day Winback Sequence
Klaviyo Welcome Email Flow
The results:

A Smooth Customer Journey via Email

The adjusted copy and flow improved the overall engagement and efficacy of the initial Welcome sequence sent to new email subscribers after signing up to receive a coupon code.

The result was a smooth transition from stranger to customer for the FLX (now Superhuman) Electric Bike brand.

Here’s a look at what we achieved with the shift from a 4-email Welcome sequence to a 5-email Welcome sequence with a logical progression and real voice of customer messaging:


Average open rate.


Average click-through rate.


Average attributed sales per email.


Lift in average open rate compared to previous Welcome Sequence.


Lift in average click-through rate compared to previous Welcome Sequence.


Lift in total attributed sales compared to previous Welcome Sequence.

**Based on a comparison of the new and old Welcome sequences during the timeframe of August 2022 vs. August 2023.

While many of the email projects completed for the FLX Bikes brand were not properly or fully implemented before the rebrand, the Welcome sequence represents a clear change in the way that the company communicates with new and existing customers.

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