Stell Environmental Web Content Project


Organizing Complex Data

Company: Stell

Industry: Environmental Consulting and Planning

Services Provided: Brand Messaging, Web Copywriting

Project Completed: October, 2019

Stell is an established environmental consulting and planning firm that specializes in tech-enabled infrastructure solutions for companies, government agencies, and municipalities across the country.

The Challenge:

Stilted and Overly Technical

Although Stell is a well-established company with a solid customer base, they needed an updated website that more clearly explains what Stell offers without overwhelming the user with technical jargon or unnecessary details.

The Solution:

Confident Messaging Without Overwhelm

Inke Digital sat down with Stell’s subject matter experts to learn more about exactly what solutions they offered and how it helped their ideal customer audience. Then, we developed smart, SEO-friendly web content that clearly and confidently explained the solutions and the technology involved, without going overboard.

To help Stell bring the project full circle, we hooked them up with our web design pals at Legendary Lion Creative Agency to bring the content to life in the eyes of the customer.

The Result:

A Sustainable Brand Presence

The resulting web content accurately and concisely explains how Stell can help companies and organizations optimize operations and reduce risk without sacrificing environmental sustainability.

From the Client:

“Amber was amazing to work with in helping us tell our company story. She took time to talk with us, learn about our company, and research the most responsive SEO words. She was patient and kind answering all of our questions and went the extra mile to help us understand the overall process of developing powerful content. Amber walked with us step by step through the whole process from beginning to end. Amber is a talented and gifted writer who helped our company come to life through her powerful use of words. We have upcoming projects and we would love to work with Amber so she can continue to help us tell our company story!”

Frankie Strickland

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