SOFFA Electric Web Content Project

SOFFA Electric:

Expanding Functionality

Company: SOFFA Electric

Industry: Control Systems Integration & Instrumentation

Services Provided: Brand Messaging, Web Copywriting

Project Completed: September, 2019

SOFFA Electric is a specialized engineering firm with over four decades of experience delivering high-tech end-to-end control system solutions to companies and municipalities across California.

The Challenge:

Irrelevant Digital Presence

As an established electrical engineering firm, SOFFA Electric has a great reputation but their website was dated and didn’t quite explain what they did. In order to stay relevant in the market, SOFFA needed to step up their digital presence with a fresh new website and message.

The Solution:

Competitive Messaging Flow

To help SOFFA Electric compete, Inke Digital crafted human-centric web content that focused on the underlying benefits of the products and services offered. In conjunction with our friends at Legendary Lion Web Design, we also guided the basic visual flow of the website and case studies.

The Result:

A Digital Presence That Packs A Shock

The resulting website is clean and clearly articulates the SOFFA value and offering without overwhelming the reader with jargon or technical information.

From the Client:


“Amber is great to work with! She has a great balance of really diving into a project to understand it with a willingness to push back on items that you may be too close to (so things like jargon, nuances that you understand, but others won’t, etc). We have really enjoyed working with her, and believe she offers a distinct value to a project.”

Michael Meadows
Chief Strategy Officer

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