SGC Consulting Web Content Project Case Study

SGC Consulting:

Streamlining Growth

Company: SGC Consulting

Industry: Management Consulting

Services Provided: Brand Messaging, Web Copywriting

Project Completed: June, 2017

SGC Consulting is a dynamic business management consulting firm, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, helping businesses across the globe be more efficient and productive.

The Challenge:

Shallow Messaging Portrayal

As a newcomer to a relatively saturated market, SGC Consulting needed a little more than their in-depth industry experience to compete. They needed a strong digital presence and a fresh voice.

The Solution:

Simple & Customer-Driven Messaging

To help SGC Consulting rise above the competition, Inke Digital developed strong, SEO-friendly web content that defined the customer’s objectives and explained how solutions from SGC can simplify their business.

The Result:

An Intriguing New Process

The resulting new website presence is smart, concise, and SEO-friendly. It works to describe the available consulting solutions as simply as possible and define the value as clearly as possible.

From the Client:

“Amber work was spot-on and precise. She delivered her work ahead of schedule.”

Attaurrehman Hashmi
Owner & Founder

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