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Prolific Communications

blog & web copywriting

Prolific Communications Web Content Project Case Study

The Client

Prolific Communications Consulting

The Industry

Corporate Communications

The Solutions

Brand Messaging, Web Copywriting, Blog Article Writing

date completed

October, 2017

a little overview

Prolific Communications Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specializing in helping businesses streamline their overall communications and internal processes.

The Challenge

Amid a slew of more established consulting firms, Prolific Communications needed to show that they are the best agency for any communication gig, big or small.

The Solution

To help Prolific stand out from the crowd, Inke Digital developed full website content that clearly and concisely explained what was offered and how it could help improve businesses, without overwhelming the reader with jargon or buzzwords.

Our wonderful friends at Unbound Web Design designed a fantastic WordPress website to compliment the complete web content.

The Results

A Smooth Communicator

The resulting website is not only beautiful and functional, but gets the point across to the audience in a way that they can understand and engage with.

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