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Odgers Law Group

web copywriting

Odgers Law Group Web Content Project

The Client

Odgers Law Group

The Industry

Business Law Firm

The Solutions

Brand Messaging, Web Copywriting, Landing Page Copy, Landing Page Design

date completed

January, 2020

a little overview

Odgers Law Group is a boutique business law office helping small businesses get started and keep up with any legal issues they may have along the way.

The Challenge

Odgers Law Group was planning to premiere their new LeanLawyer tiered membership program, but they weren’t quite happy with the web content that they already had. They knew that no one else was doing anything quite like this, so the launch had to go off without a hitch.

The Solution

To help Odgers Law Group get started on the right foot, Inke Digital developed SEO-friendly, conversion-oriented landing page copy for the LeanLawyer program. We also designed and built the landing page design within the WordPress platform for the client.

The Results

Strong Support for Lean Businesses

The resulting landing page is clear, clean and offers an easy-to-understand explanation of exactly what the program is and what the user can expect to get out of it.

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