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a new medtech startup

omni-channel marketing services

MedTech Startup Marketing Project Case Study

The Client

A New Medtech Startup

The Industry

Pharmaceutical Technology, MedTech

The Solutions

Brand Messaging, Copywriting, Sales Funnels, Marketing Management, Paid Advertising

a little overview

The client was a medical technology startup in California offering low-maintenance prescription kiosk units to the medical community.

The Challenge

As a startup, the client was facing some very big challenges to even break into the market, let alone dominate it. They needed a strong digital presence, unshakable values, and a smart strategy to move the needle.

While they have an incredible product, they have minimal funds or manpower to properly promote their product and position their brand as a thought leader. Plus, they are selling an incredibly high-ticket item with an extended sales process cycle.

They wanted to break into the market as affordably and as forcefully as possible. Naturally, content marketing was the most logical avenue for the brand.

The Solution

To begin, Inke Digital worked with startup and web design teams to develop strong web content that suited the client’s brand and their ideal customer’s expectations of value.

To support the launch of the new website in October of 2018 and realize their hope of breaking into the market, an omni-channel content marketing campaign was devised and launched in March of 2019. Inke Digital developed the entire content marketing campaign from end to end, including all copywriting and graphic design.

The Results

The Perfect Machine for Continued Growth

The resulting content and strategy formed a solid foundation for the client’s brand to build upon as they grow into the dominant prescription kiosk vendor on the market.

After the campaign launched, between March 20th, 2019 and June 20th, 2019 the new website received:

+ 0 %
Organic Traffic
+ 0 %
Social Media Referrals
- 0 %
Bounce rate
- 0 %
Social media Bounce rate
+ 0 %
Unique Organic Visitors
+ 0 %
New Users from Social media
+ 0
new demo requests from content marketing campaign
+ 0
organic inquiries for a demo or more information

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