Limetree Web Copywriting Project Case Study


Company: Limetree

Industry: Marketing & Advertising, Business Services, Business Analytics

Services Provided: Brand Messaging, Web Copywriting

Project Completed: July, 2019

Simplifying Behavioral Science

Limetree is a behavioral marketing agency helping large companies, and corporations optimize their marketing efforts using science to help them understand their ideal audience and the how and why of their decision-making.

The challenge:

Complex Solutions with a Long Buying Cycle

Serving a prominent class of businesses comes with a lot of roadblocks and pitfalls, including high scrutiny and fierce competition to deliver premium services to their clientele.

Unfortunately, their existing website presence did not accurately convey exactly what Limetree did or who they served.

The solution:

Simplified, Benefit-Driven Messaging

To make sure that Limetree had the foundational elements they needed to appeal to their ideal audience, Inke Digital developed smart, concise web content that explains the Limetree solutions without overwhelming the reader with industry jargon or technical details.

The result:

The Personification of Greatness

The final website copy and flow is clear, concise, and explains the merits of behavioral science and decision marketing in a way that anyone can understand and resonate with.

Amber is great to work with! She has a great balance of really diving into a project to understand it with a willingness to push back on items that you may be too close to (so things like jargon, nuances that you understand, but others won’t, etc). We have really enjoyed working with her and believe she offers a distinct value to a project.

Michael M.
Chief Strategy Officer

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