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web copywriting

Leads2Cloz Web Content Case Study

The Client


The Industry

B2B Lead Management Services

The Solutions

Brand Messaging, Web Copywriting

date completed

October, 2019

a little overview

Leads2Cloz is a new lead management and generation company founded by a sales professional with decades of experience with multiple massively successful companies.

The Challenge

As a new company in an already saturated niche, Leads2Cloz had a lot of work to do and needed a punchy, conversion-oriented web presence to support their stellar services.

The Solution

To help Leads2Cloz develop a smart digital presence that set them up for success, Inke Digital worked with the owner to understand the audience’s needs and developed concise conversion-oriented web content.

We also developed a lean sales funnel outline and strategy to help Leads2Cloz get started with their marketing efforts.

The Results

A Solid Foundation for Growth

With the new web content and marketing framework, Leads2Cloz is set up for success and the resulting website accurately portrays the value that the company provides through their services.

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