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the little baby face foundation

web copywriting

Little Baby Face Foundation Web Content Project Case Study

The Client

The Little Baby Face Foundation

The Industry

Non-Profit, Medical

The Solutions

Brand Messaging, Web Copywriting

Date Completed

March, 2016

a little overview

The Little Baby Face Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps children smile again through life-changing corrective surgery.

The Challenge

As a globally recognized charity organization, the Little Baby Face Foundation needed a solid digital foundation to support their incredible work for years to come.

The Solution

In order to properly understand and convey the Little Baby Face Foundation mission, Inke Digital poured over each child’s story to gain a sense of the happiness delivered by the work performed at LBFF.

We then delivered robust and emotionally-driven web content across the entire website.

The Results

A Brand Presence to Smile About

The resulting web content perfectly complements the newly designed website and is specifically designed to carry the LBFF through the digital age with solid SEO and user-experience.

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