Blink22 Software Developers Web Content Case Study


Company: Blink22

Industry: Software Development

Services Provided: Marketing Strategy, Brand Messaging, Web Copywriting, Landing Page Copy, Landing Page Design, Sales Page Copywriting, Lead Magnet Design & Copy

Project Completed: November, 2020

Turning Ideas into Killer Software

Blink22 is a boutique software design and development firm in the Middle East. They specialize in turning wild ideas into profitable software quickly and efficiently.

The challenge:

Disjointed Messaging and Web Flow

As a small shop in the EMEA region, Blink22 was struggling to reach and contract U.S. companies. They needed a marketing strategy and related assets to help improve brand awareness, reach more ideal clients, and grow their business in this competitive market.

The solution:

Streamlined Brand Storytelling

Amber dove into the project headfirst by developing detailed buyer personas and revamping the web content to more accurately reflect what the customer is looking for in a development agency.

In addition, Amber worked with the Blink22 team to optimize their portfolio, sales funnel, and social profiles to tell the same story across the board.

The result:

A Perfectly Engineered Digital Presence

The resulting digital footprint helps the reader instantly identify exactly what Blink22 does and how they can help without making them sift through a dozen pages.

Plus, their lean sales funnel is set up to effortlessly guide potential prospects through the Blink22 story and toward their ideal outcomes.

Amber did a great job understanding our business and building our marketing strategy. Amber is professional and knows what she is doing well; she is committing to her deadline and quality.

Moustafa S.
CEO & Co-Founder

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