Planning is NOT Guessing & Here Are 3 Reasons Why

So, we’re straight up in love with the book Rework. It is essentially business gospel. But, there are a few rare nuggets between the covers that just don’t sit right with us. Such as the simple statement that planning is guessing, and it doesn’t serve a purpose.

We’re firm believers that planning is NOT guessing, and here are 3 reasons why.

1. Planning Helps Set Goals

We all understand that plans are simple guidelines, and they will most likely be re-written a hundred times within the first year of business. But, one very simple purpose of basic planning is that you set goals for not only your business but yourself.

Setting goals for the life of your business inadvertently sets goals for you and your team, by outlining what should happen and on what timeline. This helps you stay on track when the going gets tough.

2. Planning Offers a Sense of Direction

Goals are important, but they’re a little bit different than having a sense of direction. Planning and strategizing can help bring about a renewed sense of direction that you may not have had before.

You’ll never be lost when you plan ahead because the process uncovers ideas and motives that may not have come to the forefront when you dreamed up your business. These can help put you on the right path to healthy business and personal growth.

3. Planning Helps You Understand What’s At Stake

Because planning helps you set goals and maintain a sense of direction in your business, it automatically shows you what is at stake. You’ll have a healthy understanding of what you could stand to gain if your business does well or what you could lose if it doesn’t do well.

Knowing what’s at stake will inadvertently allow you to work harder, better, and smarter.


Planning is a necessity for your business and even your personal endeavors. This doesn’t mean that your plans can’t change. It just means that you have a solid ground to build on, and you will have the luxury of being reactionary when you need to.

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