Our Favorite 4 TED Talks to Inspire You In Business

Our Favorite 4 TED Talks to Inspire You In Business

If you haven’t yet been introduced to TED Talks, you’re missing out on history. Literally and figuratively. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and is aimed at spreading ideas that matter within communities around the world.

As a global community, TED has branched out into massively attended conferences all over the world. These talks vary significantly in topic and are typically given by people who are top in their field. The great thing about TED talks is they’re abundant and you can find a unique talk on just about any given topic. These are our favorite 4 TED talks to inspire you in business.

Sir Ken Robinson – Do Schools Kill Creativity

Don’t let the title of this talk fool you, it centers on the fact that we should all embrace and nurture our innate talents.

Simon Sinek – Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Simon Sinek never disappoints, and this talk is no different. This talk will inspire you to be the leader that your team needs.

Linda Hill – How to Manage for Collective Creativity

Learn how to tap into the creativity that flows throughout your company. Don’t just rely on the people that are designated as “creatives”, give every idea a chance to grow.

Dale Partridge – How to Value People Over Profit

People and community are the new “currency” of the future. It means far more for a business to do what they do for the people that they employ and serve, than for the money.

There are hundreds of other inspiring TED Talks out there, and a branch of the conference may be coming to your area. If not, find out how to organize your own local TEDx event here.

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