Like Alice, I randomly stumbled upon and tumbled down a rabbit hole. The difference is that my proverbial “rabbit hole” happened to be a headlong skid into the realm of content marketing. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that tumble saved my life.

So, I’d like to share my journey down the content marketing rabbit hole and explain why you need to take that leap as well.

What Is Content Marketing?

In essence, content marketing is the act of providing rich, relevant content to your audience across all platforms. This means that you’re doing your very best to engage your customer and give them what they’re looking for on your website, social media, newspapers, etc.

Content Is everything and everywhere. You can’t afford to mess it up.

Everything the light touches is content.

My Personal Journey

My personal journey into content marketing began in 2011 when I inadvertently landed my first marketing job.

I had just moved back home and was in desperate need of a job. I ended up taking a marketing and office assistant position at a local sign-making franchise and found myself immersed in all sorts of social media, email, and direct marketing. Needless to say, I was lost but I quickly learned how to “swim” and took to marketing like a duck to water.

Since that fateful initial marketing position, I’ve always gravitated towards marketing in many ofits different forms taking jobs in copywriting, social media management, and SEO among others.

I began hearing about this new-fangled type of marketing called “content marketing” and after reading up on it I realized that it pretty much sums everything up in two words. I continued to learn and keep myself up to date on all the new things happening in the world of content marketing, as I plugged away at my day job.

Why It ClicksWhy It Clicks

Day after day of learning about content marketing but not being allowed to implement best practices within my current day job kind of cinched it for me.

I decided that in order to do right by what I know and what I’m good at, I had to strike out on my own. I needed to be able to share the wonderfully simple idea of content marketing with people that were willing to listen and were willing to grow their business.

Thus, Ink.e Digital was born and I am now pushing my content marketing craziness on everyone that I meet!

Why It Makes Sense to You

Content marketing is a very simple concept that takes quite a few different moving parts to be effective. However, when it is effective…boy, is it EFFECTIVE! Seriously, you’ll notice a difference and you’ll hear your customers talk about you (and your content) in such an excited tone.

Taking advantage of the wonders of content marketing and taking that leap down the rabbit hole begins here. Are you ready to take the tumble and begin giving your audience what they crave?

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