Make Content Creation More Fun in 3 Simple Ways

Content creation can often be seen as a chore. It’s a regular chunk of time that could be spent on something more tangible, like hustling sales. But, in the current age, creating quality content should be a priority because it is an opportunity to promote both value and community, which goes much farther for your brand in many ways.

If you’ve been avoiding content creation for any reason…

Here are 3 simple ways to make content creation easier and more fun for everyone involved.

1. Crowdsource

Make a point to regularly ask your audience what they want to hear from you, and be GENUINE about it.

You can go about this several different ways, and one method will work better for you than for other businesses.

  • Sift through testimonials.
  • Email survey.
  • Web pop-up survey.
  • Social media survey posts.
  • Ask them in person.

Test each of these methods to streamline your best opportunity for crowdsourced content and stick with it. Your content should evolve with your business, and your customers will always be the best source of inspiration.

2. Make It A Team Activity

No matter whether you’re a company of one or a Fortune 500 brand with over 200 employees, making sure to include your employees in the content creation process is crucial.

Everyone has a different perspective and personality, so trying to incorporate that into your content can take your content from “ok” to “amazeballs”.

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Start small and work within your particular department. If things go well, expand outward slowly (with manager permissions, of course) until you create a healthy number of involved individuals and departments.

Schedule a meeting at regular intervals to collaborate and gather ideas, but always be sure to stay on topic. Be wary of the dreaded meeting hole and read our article: 6 Ways to Make Meetings More Productive.

3. Involve the Family

Strange as it may sound, your family can provide some real insight into the value of your content. Plus, incorporating human elements and culture into your content can be more rewarding than you expect.

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Set a day each week or month to sit down for an hour with your friends and family to involve them in your work life. Your spouse will likely provide the most tangible ideas, but your children will provide the element of fun and creativity that your content needs. Never underestimate the mind of a child!

TIP: If you’re often accused of being a “workaholic” this would also be a great opportunity to show your friends and family exactly what you do all day and invite them to pitch in. Not only will you gain incredible insight from someone outside the business, but you’ll also gain more respect from your peers.

No matter where you are in your content process or what kind of industry you’re in, you can apply these three simple methods to make content creation and curation easier and way more fun for everyone.

Do you have a great way to make content creation more fun? Share it with me!

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