Learn How to Create Amazing & Easy Content Marketing for Kids

Learn How to Create Amazing & Easy Content Marketing for Kids

In honor of National Be A Kid Day (July 8th), we would like to share some great ways to create amazing and easy content marketing pieces that appeal to kids and their parents.

If your particular business or brand caters to families with small children, you’ve probably learned that children are pretty darn fickle and sometimes their parents can be even worse. So, how do you appeal to both of them on the right level without turning them off? Well, tailored content marketing geared towards engaging the little ones, of course!

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1. Take a moment to evaluate your brand story, mission and values to make sure that they are perfectly aligned with your audience. This is the basis for why you’re doing what you’re doing, and your audience needs to know that you’re there for them.

2. Next you should definitely begin by nailing down your unique buyer personas. Those personas should consist of: parents, babysitters, daycare providers and the kids themselves. Remember that we want to touch on every aspect of a child’s daily life, which includes all of the adults that are making decisions for them.

3. Take some time figuring out what your brand voice needs to be based on the needs of your audience and your brand story. Chances are good that you’ll want to be slightly goofy, understanding and to the point. Parents and caretakers simply do not have the time or patience to pay attention to something that takes forever to get to the point.

4. Find out where your audience spends their time and what kind of content best suits them. Depending on your buyer personas, you may be looking at several different media channels.

5. Create engaging content! By now you should have a pretty solid grasp on what your audience wants and needs. You will want to create content that provides value to them, whether that be through simple education on your product or services, some insight into the industry, or through an interactive piece of content that the kids can enjoy.

This is going to be very dependent on what industry you’re in and what you’re selling. Some cool examples of engaging content geared towards kids and their caretakers are:

• Educational coloring book pieces.
• Crosswords.
• Fill-in-the-blanks.
• Short, fun videos.
• Animation (gifs, flash or videos)
• Simple lists of great resources for parents.
• Create a brand specific character/mascot that the kids/parents can relate to.
• Simple interactive games.

Always try to keep things bright, fun and simple. Whether your viewer is a child or adult, they aren’t going to sit there and try to read through a lengthy article or post.

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