How to Tell if Your Content is Valuable as a New Brand

Determining if your content is effective and valuable is easier than you think, especially if you’re an established brand. But, what if you’re a newly minted business? It can be a real challenge to figure out where you stand with no benchmarks for comparison.

Here are 4 steps to determine how to tell if your content is valuable:

1. Do YOU Believe What You’re Saying?

Take a minute to evaluate whether you genuinely believe in what you’re saying. If you don’t, no one will.

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If you don’t passionately believe in what you’re doing and saying, it will be obvious in the. If that happens, you audience will pick up on it right away, and it will automatically put them off.

2. Do YOU Find It Valuable?

Not only do you need to believe in your content, but you must also find it valuable. Even if you don’t fit into the primary demographic of the brand, you should still find something useful about the content. If not, your audience won’t love it either.

3. Run it by Your Staff

Has your content passed the first two personal tests? Run it by your team!

You’ve already chosen your team well, so give them the opportunity to share their opinion.

4. TEST IT!!

So, your content has passed each internal test put to it by yourself and the team. Now, what?


Now, you test, test, and re-test.

Check your content as many times as you find it necessary to get the results that you desire. Depending on the type of content or the source of delivery, some content may require more or less testing.

But, the bottom line is, if you have been diligent and have cross-examined your content carefully, your audience will devour it in seconds.

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