How to Create the Perfect Content Pizza

Pizza is the cure for all ills. Don’t deny it. Sometimes all you want is a slice of pizza and a cold beer after a crappy day. So, it would make sense that building the perfect content pizza is the cure for your content marketing ills. So, let’s get crackin’!

Just how do you create the perfect combination of style and story to come up with a content pizza? Simple, start with the crust! The below infographic runs from the bottom up because … gravity.

How to Create the Perfect Content Pizza Infographic


Crust – As the foundation, your pizza crust is the most important part. That’s why it represents your brand story and mission. This is the groundwork for every single piece of content you’ll produce as a brand or business.

Sauce – Because the sauce adds a unique flavor to your content pizza, it represents your brand voice. A unique brand voice adds spice and personality to your content and should be recognizable no matter where you’re using it.

Cheese – Because the cheese holds everything together, it would make sense that it represents your content strategy.  While a content strategy is a little different than a content marketing strategy, it is still equally as important. This will help you determine where and how you are creating content based on where your targeted buyer personas are spending time.

Toppings – Last but not least…the toppings! Everyone likes something a little bit different on their pizza, so your toppings represent your unique targeted buyer personas. For each brand or business, you may have 2-4 different buyer personas and each of these personas may be interested in something different in terms of topic and media channel.

So, are you ready to begin creating your perfect content pizza? Get in touch with us to discuss the development of a tailored content marketing strategy for your brand.

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