Steal my $1 million copywriting planner and write mind-blowing copy from scratch in 3 steps.

Want an easier way to go from a blank page to million-dollar, sales-ready copy—without all the guesswork?

Get the exact 3-step process I use to write high-converting copy for my business and 100 happy clients, including copy that sold over $1 million in event sales.

Inside this planner, you’ll get a repeatable 3-step process to:

Ask the right questions to build a rock-solid foundation for high-converting copy.
Understand why Voice of Customer is the magic ingredient and how to make it work for you.
Assemble million-dollar copy from scratch—for any media—using a simple formula.

Afterward, you’ll be able to DIY sales and marketing copy for yourself or clients without having to hire help or drop $$ on courses you’ll never finish.

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