Clear AF Copy Coaching

“I wish I could just snap my fingers and get sales-ready copy for my biz...without the BS."

Sound familiar? Running a small business is already hard enough. The last thing you need is to get stuck on your own copy.

As your no BS copy coach, I’ll help you get out of your own head and finally write million-dollar copy for your business—even if your brain keeps trying to sabotage you—so you can focus on making bank AND a difference.

Be honest... Does that blinking cursor make your tummy do a flip and brain go blank?

You keep getting stuck. Rewriting. Overediting. Deleting good shit. It’s a vicious cycle.

But you’re not alone.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes our perfectionism gets in the way and slows the entire process to a CRAWL. And you’ll never catch us outsourcing it… because, well, control issues.

We’re just too close to it. It’s our baby, you know?

So how do you write bomb-ass copy for your own business, while maintaining your sanity?

Copywriter lost in thought trying to write her own business copy.

Clear AF Copy Coaching is for the solopreneur who wants to go from ‘someday’ to ‘nailed it’ ASAP

The truth is; There’s no magic wand for killer copy…

But a copywriting coach can help you bridge the gap between brain fog and bangin’ copy that sells.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t need another copywriting course.”

That’s good copy coaching in a nutshell.

The Clear AF Copy Coaching program is NOT a training course.

It’s a one-on-one coaching intensive where I work directly with you to clarify your message and help you write copy that sounds like you and hits your audience right in the feels—without burning yourself out.

Look, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it… Your copy is boring af. You’re not. Let’s fix it.

No matter where you are in your business’ copy journey, a helping hand can go a looooong way in helping you reach your goals—without burning yourself out.

So, I’m offering flexible coaching packages to make your life easier:

I just need a little nudge…

Perfect for anyone who has a lot of the work done, but just needs a nudge in the right direction.
$ 797 One Time
  • One 90-minute one-on-one video coaching session.
  • One 30-minute copy review video call.
  • One 15-minute copyediting or proofreading service.
  • 1-month post-session 30-minute check-in video call.
  • Recordings and transcripts of all sessions.

I need a bit more support…

Perfect for anyone stuck in a rut or just starting out and may need a lot of help getting on the right track.
$ 1997 One Time or Monthly
  • Four 90-minute one-on-one video coaching sessions.
  • One 30-minute copy review video call.
  • Two 15-minute copyediting or proofreading sessions.
  • 1-month post-session 30-minute check-in video call.
  • Recordings and transcripts of all sessions.

I need support for my program…

Perfect for coaches who want to help their students succeed with copy coaching inside their program.
$ 10000 Monthly
  • Daily engagement inside your Group.
  • Weekly copy coaching live call inside your Group.
  • Monthly 1:1 review of student work for up to 30 students.
  • Monthly check-in call with you.
  • Brandable versions of Big A$$ Bonus resources.

Big A$$ Bonuses:

$1 Million Copy ''From-Scratch" Planner

The exact 3-step process l've used to write $1 million copy for clients broken down into a simple workbook you can use over and over to write killer copy for anything.

30-Minute Alignment Challenge

Get crystal clear on whether you're serving the right audience with the right offer to satisfy your soul.

6-Point Brand Message Scorecard

Put your current message to the test! With this 6-point scorecard, to identify potential gaps or weaknesses in your message.

Ideal Buyer Persona Snapshot

Build a clear picture of your ideal customer without reinventing the wheel. Put everything that makes your audience unique front and center with this one-pager.

Brand Value Compass Worksheet

Clearly and confidently articulate your brand's value and keep it on track with this hands-on worksheet.

90-Day Copy Testing Framework

Build a simple, but effective A/B copy testing strategy by knowing exactly what you're testing, why, and for how long.

After Clear AF Copy Coaching, you'll have...

A crystal clear value proposition that makes sense and is easy to explain, even on the fly.

A sales-ready piece of copy you can put to work immediately.

A detailed outline of who your ideal customer is and how they're communicating their needs.

A ton of handy dandy copywriting and messaging resources you can use over and over.

A rich bank of click-worthy words and phrases to use in your marketing.

Absolute confidence in what you're saying and how you're saying it.


Finally give writer's block and self-doubt the finger...

Imagine what business (and life) might be like if you always had the tools and support you needed to do your best.

Instead of struggling with imposter syndrome killing all of your best intentions and good work being put on the back burner… you’ll be able to get the words on the page and feel amazing about the results.

Spoiler alert: This is how everyone else makes it look so easy.

Finally, have someone in your corner that gets it. All support. No judgment.

Book your session now to crank out the best copy you’ve ever written. And it’s ALL yours.

Amber Smith, Owner & Chief Strategist at Inke Digital

Hiya! I'm Amber. Your ‘no bullshit, stay on track’ copy coach.

I’ll help you get your web copy, sales copy, or email copy DONE by being a pushy little devil on your shoulder that keeps you in line. No matter what crap your creative brain tries to pull on you.

For nearly ten years, I was a self-imposed Swiss Army knife for all my client’s marketing and copy needs. To say my own copy was neglected was an understatement.

The truth was, being a highly trained and experienced copywriter made me critical AF of my own work, especially when it comes to putting my personality and feelings on the page.

Eventually, critical burnout forced me to sit down and reevaluate WTF I was doing and, more importantly, WHY I was doing it.

I originally struck out on my own to make sure other creatives had the tools and support I never did. But slinging words for tech CEOs that didn’t care about the people reading them wasn’t it.


Here's how we'll turn a million ideas into million-dollar copy...


First and foremost, we’ll sit down and make sure you’re on the right track to absolutely CRUSH your goals. We’ll talk about your business, market, goals, and your progress thus far. This sets the intention (and the mood) for the rest of the session.


Next, we’ll do a little light stalking to find out what your customers are saying about you AND your competitors. This guides the messaging and makes it look like you’re a freaking mind reader.


Armed with everything we learned in steps one and two, we’ll dive into your copy to build a strong foundation for your business growth and your peace of mind. Depending on what you started with, this could be fleshing out headlines, page flow, body copy, or coming up with a testing strategy.


Now, I kick it over to you to work your magic. You’ll take a week (or so) to finish up the copy using what we worked on together as a baseline. This allows you to maintain control, while having reliable and solid feedback and validation in your corner.


Last, but not least, we’ll go through a couple of rounds of review and revision together to make sure you absolutely LOVE your final copy and can confidently publish it ASAP.

The best part? You still have complete control. You’ll still do most of the writing yourself. I’m just here to guide you toward the finish line in the most efficient and copy-friendly way possible.

Think of me as that secret weapon you only bring out when things are getting too overwhelming.

Bottom Line:

If you’re not as confident in your copy as a drag queen belting out Cher, you need Clear AF Copy Coaching in your corner.

Finally, get rid of self-doubt and have copy that you fkin’ LOOOOVE, sounds like you, and sells the pants off your audience. Period.

Got questions? I’ve got answers!

Honestly, that’s entirely up to you and your goals. The more work you have done and are confident in, the less coaching we’ll need to do.
Your best bet is to let me know a little bit about what you’re working with by applying below. Then we’ll hop on a quick call to make sure we’re on the same page. I’ll suggest a coaching package based on your unique needs.
Here’s the deal; since this is a customized done-with-you product, there are no refunds. That’s why I offer a free 20-minute strategy call to make sure this is a good fit for both of us.

No copy, no worries! We can work on all of that together.

BUT, keep in mind, the more work that needs doing, the more coaching we’ll need to do.

That’s not a problem either! One of the early phases of coaching is to confirm whether your audience and offer are aligned. If you’ve got an idea, but nothing concrete, we can flesh it out together.

How much time we spend coaching is entirely up to you and your level of confidence before, during, and after coaching.

Let’s hop on a quick 20-minute call to discuss where you are and where you want to be. I’ll recommend a coaching package that best fits your situation.

Here’s the deal; since this is a customized done-with-you product, there are no refunds. That’s why I offer a free 20-minute strategy call to make sure this is a good fit for both of us.

During that call, I’ll give you an idea of what coaching looks like and what to expect. If you decide it’s not for you, I can offer done-for-you copywriting services or we can part ways. No hard feelings.

Ready to ditch the overwhelm for million-dollar copy you won't want to rewrite 400 times?

Hell yea! I’m excited for you. Tap the button below to choose the copywriting coaching framework that works for you.

Stuck, uninspired, or overwhelmed with writing your own copy?

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