6 Key Things to Look For In A Professional Content Writer

6 Key Things to Look For In A Professional Content Writer

As a web developer, your forte is focused on the user experience and visually pleasing page elements. But, what about the information that the user comes there to get? What about the content? That’s where a professional content writer comes in, and here are 6 key things to look for when hiring a content writer.

  1. Punctuality

Punctuality should be a given when dealing with any professional. You wouldn’t continue working with a brand or individual that was perpetually late, would you?

For content writers, punctuality begins with responding to your initial contact and runs all the way through the final content delivery. A pro content writer should be prompt in each aspect of their business, otherwise, it makes for a late website launch. No one likes a late website launch.

  1. Portfolio

This is another huge DUH. If you were hiring a graphic designer, you wouldn’t give a second thought to a new designer without a portfolio. A content writer needs to present their best and most recent work in a portfolio, too.

Make sure each prospective content writer has a portfolio that is clearly and beautifully presented, and that their writing style meets your needs. Some content writers are adept at transforming their writing style to meet a customer’s unique style and need, which is a huge bonus.

  1. Communication

Basic communication should always reflect the quality of work, meaning that a good content writer will carry a solid caliber of writing through to emails and texts.

Pay attention to how a prospective writer communicates with you in short bursts. If they cut corners and use acronyms and slang, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

  1. Grasp of Brand Voice

Because content writing is different than copywriting, a good content writer should have a solid grasp of how to recognize and use a brand voice.

Each brand should have a unique voice and tone that they use in all communications. A content writer should be able to interpret and weave your voice into their words for a cohesive message.

P.S. If you don’t have a brand voice defined for your business, we can help!

  1. Understanding of Analytics

A basic understanding of analytics and how content affects analytics is another very simple thing that every professional that works with the web should have. A content writer is no different.

A good content writer must know how to navigate analytics, and how to determine if their content is functioning the way it was intended to. For instance, new content should be evaluated after a time to determine what effect it has on bounce rate, new organic visitors, retention rates, and goal conversions.

  1. Keyword Savvy

Keywords are a huge part of every content writer’s job. Because proper keyword research makes a big difference in how web content performs, a pro content writer should have good keyword research skills.

Whether you’re looking to hire a freelancer or an entire agency, try to keep these 6 key elements in mind when hiring a professional content writer.

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