Working in an office or a cubicle is more stressful than people think, and it isn’t for everyone. We’ve put in our time on the cube farm, and it most definitely was not the right fit for us. But, there is hope!

We’ve put together our favorite 5 ways to make the most of your time working in a cubicle or stuffy office environment.

1. Treat It Like Your Little Slice of the Farm.

There’s something about making your office space like the home; it makes a difference in how you feel about going to work.

Do what you can to make your office special. Make it unique to you. Add photos of family and friends, bring in a plant to brighten up the space, etc.

Make your office cozy.
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2. Use the Environment As Your Inspiration.

If you’re in any branch of the.field, you can use your environment and co-workers as inspiration for your projects. Your co-workers could carry a wealth of information without even knowing it.

For example: If you’re a blogger, try using them as what to do/not to do topics. Or if you’re a designer, pay attention to some of the things that they hold dear or often do. They may hold a little insight into great design.

3. Take Breaks. Lots of Breaks.

We’re serious. Take tons of breaks. They don’t have to be long breaks, but you should take advantage of any breaks your employer provides to you. For instance, most employers allow two 15 minute breaks during an 8 hour work day.

Otherwise, a break can consist of getting up to grab a cup of coffee or taking a moment to get caught up on a new ebook or webinar.

4. Be Organized.

Organization can be key to maintaining a healthy balance at work.

There are several free ways to remain organized electronically, but keeping your desk clutter to a minimum is going to be your primary focus. Trust us, if your desk looks like a disaster zone, it spells stress for you and your co-workers. Plus, your boss probably won’t approve either, which is not something you should have to deal with.

5. Insist on Good Coffee.

We’re not kidding on this one. If you work in an office environment, having a decent source of caffeination is pretty much pivotal to your success. At least…it is in our world.

Insist on good coffee!

The simple fact is that people are less grouchy and easier to deal with when they’ve had coffee that taste good going down. It isn’t a necessity; it’s a treat. So, even if you’re not a coffee drinker, chances are good that your co-workers are and keeping them in high spirits will keep you there too.

So, in Conclusion…

Working in a cubicle is hard, but it’s only as hard as you make it. Put a little effort into making it a pleasant and productive experience and you’ll be fine.

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