5 Ways to Incorporate Your Artistic Talents Into Your Business

5 Ways to Incorporate Your Artistic Talents Into Your Business

If you’re a creative soul in a non-creative role, you likely feel a little deflated on occasion. Now is the time to perk back up!

Here are 5 simple ways to incorporate your creative talents into your business.

Get Involved in Social MediaGet Involved in Social Media

No matter what you’re technically responsible for in business, chances are good that your social media manager needs help and inspiration.

Lend a hand any way that you can. Try offering to be the person on the frontlines and take photos or come up with content for something that not only inspires you but is also relatable to the business.

Or, you can simply just offer content suggestions. Take it from someone who manages social media for a living…sometimes the well runs dry.

Volunteer to Organize Events

Maybe your business wants to participate in local events or fundraisers, but just doesn’t know where to begin or doesn’t have the manpower.

Be the manpower behind your events. Take the initiative and get out there and do things. Good things and fun things.

Not only will this serve as a creative outlet, but it will also inspire your co-workers to action.

Organize a Company NewsletterOrganize a Company Newsletter

Sometimes you just want to know what is going on in Accounting. Not very often, but sometimes you’re intrigued. Sounds like the perfect time to start a company newsletter.

Forge ahead and begin collecting fun, useful and interesting information from other departments and organize them into a worthwhile read. It doesn’t have to be fancy or lengthy, but feed the creative itch and provide everyone with information at the same time.

Make Yourself Available to Co-Workers in a Creative Position

Even if you’re not in a creative position in the workplace, you have co-workers that are…and sometimes they need help.

Just like with the social media manager, sometimes your creative counterparts are short on ideas or inspiration and need a little nudge in the right direction.

Make yourself available to them in a creative capacity. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll scratch the creative itch.

Plus, the obligatory…

Creatively Spruce Up Your Workspace

Creatively Spruce Up Your WorkspaceThis kind of goes without saying, but jazz up your space. Just do it.

Add some photos, doodles, a plant and maybe that ridiculous, eye-melting velvet Lisa Frank poster you’ve been saving for the right time.

You may not think so, but your co-workers will appreciate the extra color and personality that it brings to the room.



Being creatively inspired can come from just about anywhere, at any time. Although sometimes it may need a little coaxing, your creativity is always beneficial to everyone around you. It can even be infectious!

Try implementing a couple of these fun ways to incorporate your natural, artistic talents into your day at the office. I promise you’ll never be disappointed in the results.

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