5 Simple Reasons Why The Pocket App is Amazing


Pocket is a relatively new app that allows you to save articles, videos and websites for later. For those of us with a ridiculously short attention span and an even shorter memory, this is gold. GOLD! Here are 5 simple reasons why the pocket app is amazing, and you should probably get it.

  1. Mobile

Pocket is available on pretty much anything. Whether you’re at home or away, you can always put something into your Pocket (see what we did there?) and stash it for later.

It’s available via the web, email or a dedicated mobile app. As long as the host site has added Pocket to the available shareable programs, you’re all set.

  1. Offline Capability

Once you’ve saved something to Pocket, you never have to worry about being on Wi-Fi to read it! Any items that have been “Pocketed” are available on or offline within your Pocket app account. Which means that you can catch up on your reading at the beach or when you’re camping.

  1. Widespread Integration

Currently, Pocket integrates with over 500 other apps and as an open source API, the possibilities are endless. Check out the current listing of integrations here.

  1. Convenient Organization

Pocket allows you to tag articles and items saved in order to categorize them for easy locating and reading in the future. For example, if you’re Pocketing things related to business accounting, you can tag them as such.

  1. Suggestions

Because we’re all creatures of habit, Pocket will make suggestions based on things that are either trending or are similar to things we’ve already added to our Pocket. This makes curation easy!

We previously used Pinterest to store anything that we wanted to read later. If you’re anything like us, you know that those articles were NEVER read. They just sit there in Pinterest cyberspace and cry lonely tears. With the Pocket app, both you and your intended articles can dance through sun-drenched meadows of wondrous attention together. Just kidding, you’ll just feel really accomplished at the end of each day.

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