5 Reasons Why Snapchat is the Perfect Choice for Your Brand

5 Reasons Why Snapchat is the Perfect Choice for Your Brand

The logistics of using Snapchat for business are wildly different than other social media channels but no less effective. Although choosing a social media platform for your brand is often a process, making Snapchat part of your marketing plan is a no-brainer. Here are 5 reasons why Snapchat is the perfect choice for your brand marketing.

1. The Engagement is Nothing to Sniff At

The basic Snapchat functions essentially force user engagement with content. Although “force” is a naughty word, it still works. And it kicks ass.

Snapchat is a photo platform that allows users to send “snaps” that will only last between 1-10 seconds once the recipient opens the image. This goes a long, long way in providing juicy calls-to-action to your user base when they’re on the go.

Because the user must interact with the snap once it’s been opened, it requires them to either save the snap or be within a short vicinity of your location. For example, if you’re a local restaurant or cafe your snap could offer a coupon for a free muffin or a discount on a meal.

2. Lack of “Community” Can Be A Good Thing

When we say “lack of community”, we only mean that your Snapchat viewers will not be interacting with you in such a way that requires tons of maintenance or monitoring.

Because it is strictly image based, you won’t be required to monitor and approve comments or reviews on the Snapchat forum. However, you will most likely see users snapping about their experience.

3. Casual is How We Do

Since its inception, Snapchat has been viewed as and used as the casual social media app. Even if your primary audience happens to be big business execs, the functionality of Snapchat allows them to be casual. Which in turn, allows you to be casual.

Snapchat is a lot of things, but stuffy or boring are not part of that list.

4. Let Your Brand Personality Shine

Because of the casual atmosphere that Snapchat exudes, the users are able to let their personality shine through in every single snap. That goes for brands too.

Snap a video of one of your employees being a super-goof, or snap a photo of a company luncheon. There’s no limit to the amount of personality that you can pack into a single snap. Show your audience exactly who you are, and who you want to be.

5. Awesome Examples of Super Snaps

Although Snapchat is viewed as a simplistic social format, there are no end to the amazing things that you can do with a snap.

No matter which industry you’re in, Snapchat has something for you!

  • Offer limited time coupons.
  • Provide new product sneak peeks that are exclusive to your following.
  • Show your followers what you’re doing through event videos and photos.
  • A scavenger hunt is a unique way to engage your customers via Snaps. Just make sure that the end prize is awesome.
  • Share your company culture through videos and photos of your employees being themselves.
  • Show that you believe in community through Snaps of your company getting involved.

To Make A Long Story Short…

Snapchat is pretty legit. The End.

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