Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is kind of a funky holiday for anyone not selling patriotic themed goods. Considering that, it’s a bit hard for some businesses to capitalize on the hype of the season. But, fear not…capitalize you can!

Here are 5 simple 4th of July marketing ideas that are sure to get the patriotic blood pumping.

1. Run A Patriotic Photo Contest

Run a patriotic photo contest.Photo contests are a great way to not only engage your audience on individual channels, but it’s a great way to mine for content ideas.

Depending on what your product or service is, always make sure that the contest prize is something worth fighting for. Much of your audience follows you for free information, so the chance to win something is a great opportunity to turn a prospect into a full-blown client. Once they try the product/service, they’ll come back for more and will be happy to pay top dollar.

You can easily run a photo contest on Facebook or Instagram. Or you can run a Pin It to Win It contest on Pinterest, but that’s a different story. Check out Shortstack and 22 Social for contest capabilities. They’re both great resources and offer free trials.

2. Host A Themed Event

Depending on where your business is located, the act of hosting a themed event could go a couple of different ways.

If you’re located in town (in the thick of the action) try hosting an open house type of event in which families can bring their kids in to do a patriotic craft, watch a movie or get free patriotic-themed treats.


If you’re a little farther out, try planning an event a week before the big day. This event could be similar to the above, but be more geared towards the attendees having something to take with them to the festivities. For example, collect lots of old jeans and t-shirts and teach your attendees to make tie blankets to sit on during the fireworks.

Events that cater to keeping the kids busy and happy are a lifeline for parents during the holidays. Chances are good that while the kids are crafting, the parents will be finding out more about your business. You may not necessarily get sales out of the event immediately, but those parents will go home and do their research.

3. Participate in a Local Independence Day Event

No matter where you’re from, the local events are always a community highlight and are nothing to sniff at. Any business that Participate or volunteer for a local event.takes time out of their day to participate is regarded very highly. So, take stock of what events are coming up and how your team can help.
Whether you’re riding on a float in the parade, manning one of the game booths or serving ice cream…always make sure that your team exudes patriotic and brand spirit. Everyone should be wearing logo wear if possible, or at least name tags and brand colors.

This is a great (and sometimes free) opportunity for stellar advertising. It places you directly in the public eye and shows that you care about your community. Plus, if you designate a few people to take team pictures and post them on social media throughout the day, you’ll receive increased engagement there as well.

Note: DON’T just donate to a cause…PARTICIPATE! Seeing your faces will go a lot farther than seeing your logo on a donation banner.

4. Write a Post Detailing the Top Things to do in Your Area for the Holiday

If you happen to be a little farther from the action or are unable to physically participate in any way, try writing a post detailing the top things to do in your area for the holiday. Or the top places to view fireworks from. If your team puts their heads together, you will most likely come up with some unlikely events or places that some people may not have heard of. People will EAT these up!

5. Partner Up with a Local Charity

This one could also go along the lines of hosting an event or participating in a local event. When you team up with a local charity, there are several things that you could end up doing. Often you’ll end up volunteering for one of the pre-set events that the charity is running for the holiday.

This will also put your face and brand in front of the consumer and is an inexpensive feel-good option for you.

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