4 Simple Ways to Encourage Someone Today

Today is National Be An Encourager Day!

If you’re anything like me, you understand just how much a little bit of encouragement can help you grow. Here are 4 simple ways to encourage someone today.

Encouraging someone can be easier than you think and can apply to everyone. Learn to encourage your clients, your employees and yourself!

  1. Pay Them A Simple Compliment

A simple compliment can really make a difference, even if it isn’t related to the thing that needs encouraging.

Tell them that they look extra confident today or that their look is just killin’ it today. Words work wonders. Try it.

Encouragement goes a long way.

  1. Point Out Something That They Are Rockin’

If this person is having a hard time focusing on any one thing and needs a little encouragement to keep going…try pointing out one of the things that they are just rockin’.

Maybe they have AMAZING branding or a KILLER elevator pitch. Or, maybe they’re THE most charismatic speaker you have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Point it out, compliment it and encourage it. Believe me, it will give them a burst of speed when it comes to getting back to work on the things that matter.

  1. Compare Their Successes to Famous Success Stories

Imitation is the purest and best form of flattery. If someone needs encouragement, one of the best ways to do it is to liken their successes to another famous success stories.

There are tons of different success stories out there that have made the history books. I guarantee you that you can liken one of those stories to the success story that is standing right in front of you.

  1. Remind Them That There’s Still Time

Failure is not a bad thing, and it just means that they haven’t quite perfected their thinking yet. Remind them that there is STILL TIME and to never, ever give up on their dream.

Not every successful person found their shining star right away. In fact, most of them started and quit several different businesses along the way before they found their calling. So, there’s always more time to do what makes you happy and to find the right course of action.

Dreams are important and need a little encouragement and a little love now and then to really blossom. Water them and watch them grow…Encouraging Someone Is Like Watering a Flower

There you have it. Sometimes you don’t always know what people are going through, and a little encouragement goes a really long way. Now get out there and encourage someone to be their best selves today!

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