4 Reasons Why Traditional Marketing Is Like Watching a Chick Flick


Traditional marketing is on its way out, there’s no denying that. It may take another century for it to turn to dust, but it’s nearly inevitable. But, some businesses and industries cling to traditional marketing for dear life.

Because traditional marketing is turning gray, it’s getting pretty stale and boring too. A little like getting roped into something that holds no interest for you. Here are 4 reasons why traditional marketing is like watching a chick flick with your significant other.

Movie Slide #11. Someone Is Always Going to be Bored
Ok, so we’re not married to the analogy of chick flicks. It could be a slasher film or a war movie too. Anything that excites one person and bores the crap out of the other.

That’s the point. Someone is always going to be bored when it comes to traditional media. You’re catering to a very small fraction of the public if you pigeonhole yourself into strictly traditional marketing. Not many people watch TV or read a newspaper these days.

Movie Slide #22. You’re Going to Get Distracted by Other Things/People
So, you’re watching a movie with your girl or guy. Halfway through, what happens? You get a little ‘distracted’ by the other person. Now neither of you are paying attention to the movie.

Same deal with traditional. Some people might tune in for a hot minute, but inevitably they’re going to tune out before you make your point. Digital media is just far more entertaining.

Movie Slide #3 3. It’s Not Effective Anymore
Watching a movie with your significant other is intended to bring you closer, but more often than not it does quite the opposite. Just like traditional marketing tactics.

Traditional marketing used to be hugely successful and effective. But now it’s kinda lost its mojo.

Movie Slide #4

4. It’s Almost Preachy
No one likes to be preached to, and that is essentially what a chick flick does. Whether you’re the man or woman in the relationship, a chick flick is always telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. Who wants that?!

That is exactly what traditional marketing does. It tells you what you should do, instead of letting you make your own decisions.

In Conclusion…
Traditional marketing is not really worth the time and effort to maintain a campaign anymore. You can get the desired effect with a much less expensive content marketing or digital marketing campaign. We know that some industries still swear by traditional, which is ok. You can stick with what you know. We would just suggest mixing it up a little and trying to appeal to the broader audience by adding a little digital marketing into your strategy.

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