Yay! You’re booked.

You’re officially on the books! Are you so stinking excited to get your 10x Message in a Day?!

Here’s how to prepare for your Day:

Block Off Your Day

We have a solid 6 hours scheduled to crush your messaging, so block out your entire day. It may not take the entire 6 hours, especially if we have a breakthrough. But, you’ll probably want some time to digest what we uncover after the session. So, please don’t shortchange yourself by overbooking your calendar that day. This is important.

Bring Your Messaging History

In order to know where you’re going, we’ll need to know where your messaging has been.

So please make sure to have the following information ready and available:

- A clear offer and value proposition.
- What your primary goal is for your messaging over the next 3 months.
- An understanding of which page or asset in your funnel is underperforming and costing you money.
- A basic understanding of who your ideal customer is or may be.
- Existing customer testimonials and case studies, no matter how old or raw.
- The names and websites of your top 3-5 primary competitors.

Be Punctual and Honest

Please be sure to be on time to our call and bring a willingness to be open and honest with me, even if the questions are hard.

Looking forward to chatting with you. See you then!

– Amber

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