What's Killing Your Marketing Conversions?

Answer 10 easy questions to find out what’s clogging your marketing funnel and scaring away even the most loyal fans.

Half-A$$ed Customer Data Is Killing Your Marketing

Fun fact: Almost half of all professionals don’t think they have what they need to do their job.

When it comes to marketing, you feel that statement to your core. Right in the feels.


Because you’re relying on canned Nielsen data that isn’t human enough.

The fact is, market data is NOT the same as customer data. And your marketing (and sanity) are suffering because of it.

But there is light…

Fix It By Learning To Speak Your Customer's Language

80% of the buying process happens with zero human contact.

That means that clear messaging in your funnel is 110% more important than ad dollars.

Your customers are people first. And they’re so done with boring jargon and feature-first chatter.

It’s time to take a common-sense approach to understanding buyer psychology.

But you don’t have to spend your entire department budget on ‘real’ customer research anymore. You lucky duck!

Woman looking at quarterly reports is celebrating.

“The most effective brand messaging strategy…
makes you, your brand, and your products make the most sense to others.”

Loren Weisman

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