Dreaming of marketing that actually f*cking works?

No matter what everyone says, reliable marketing IS possible.

But it starts with good copy.

I’ll help you combine what’s in your brain with what your customers need to hear for a sales and marketing message that’s more than just warm and fuzzy… it converts like crazypants.

A professional woman is celebrating in her office because her sales and marketing copy is actually doing its job.

Your sales and marketing copy should turn words into revenue.

If it’s not, keep reading…

Good marketing taps into human emotion to get curious benchwarmers to smash the “Buy Now” button. It makes your audience feel their feelings. ALL of their feelings… even the icky ones.

But most marketing—especially for service-based businesses—is either a total snoozefest or is completely one-sided.

You need marketing that bridges the gap between what you want to say AND what your customers want to hear.
That’s where conversion copywriting comes in. It’s a no-brainer for anyone who wants to sell more of anything.

Frustrated professional woman scratching her head while writing in a notebook.


Here’s how to get sales and marketing copy that beats your controls and rings up more sales:

Copy Critique

Get a fresh perspective on ANY piece of copy in your funnel.

I’ll take a look at a single piece of marketing copy of your choice and deliver a video with detailed suggestions for improvement across messaging, flow, and layout.

Copy Coaching

Finally get out of your own head to write copy for your business.

I’ll guide you through how to write your own marketing copy from scratch or maximize what you already have with the information and resources you already have.

Conversion Copywriting

Get high-converting copy for your next launch without the stress.

I’ll write all of the sales and marketing copy for your funnel completely hands-free with both conversions and the customer in mind.


No jargon. No drama.
Just damn good copy.

Hi, babe! I’m Amber… Conversion copywriter by trade. Crazy cat (and plant) lady by choice.

As your copywriter, there are only three things you need to know about me:

I don’t pull punches or sugarcoat things. What you see is what you get, and I’ll never sell you short.
I’ve been there, too. No one else understands that perfectionism isn’t always a virtue better than I do.
The end result is my only focus. Everything that I do or don’t do is in service of the goal you set for the project.

Let’s work together to find words that are true to your brand and resonate with your market.

Amber Smith

Founder & Chief Copywriter

Amber Smith, Owner & Chief Strategist at Inke Digital

Amber is fantastic to work with and skilled in what she does. She was able to take my babbling on, refine my message when I didn’t even know what it was, and create copy that really was my voice and what I’m about.

Lindsay K.
Equusity Bookkeeping

Man analyzing marketing data on a glass board.

Finally make your marketing lovable, relatable, and mega-clickable!

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